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Create your first Business with this Ongoing Program, with weekly 55 minutes classes!

Young CEO

Ages 9 -13

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Creating a healthy relationship with money is extremely important to have a peaceful life, use this program to acquire the right mindset!

Money Can't Wait

Ages 9 -13

Leaders Factory

Ages 9 -13

Become a Leader and get ready to empower your team with this program!

From solving a problem with a product to designing and selling it, invent products with this exclusive program!

Inventor Heart

Ages 9 -13

Investors Hub

Ages 9 -13

Secure your future by investing early! With this program, your kid will learn everything needed to invest money the right way.

Not Available Yet

Become a Business Owner in 10 intensive classes with this fantastic bootcamp!

Business Bootcamp

Ages 9 -13

How it works

3 easy steps!

Step 1. Sign Up

Choose a day and time for the first class meeting, you will receive an email inviting you to register on the website to attend the classes.

Step 2. Log in

The preferred day and time chosen, you will receive a reminder email to log in and access the platform, or you can log in at

Step 3. Join the Class

Once logged in, click on the cover for the program you enrolled in, then click on “Classroom” and “Join Meeting”.

What parents say


Christina H.
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Young CEO seems to be a kick-starter for young entrepreneurs, my son gave up the idea of becoming a soccer player and now he wants to own a team 😅
Emilia M.
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I was told my son (12) was going to achieve the entrepreneur mindset but his business is only making 6 figures a year 😤....jk!! He's obsessed with his business now!
Laura L.
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Sometimes I watch the classes with my daughter, the story and games are fun to follow!

About MAS Center

Our goal is to forge tomorrow’s changemakers. We believe in kids’ potential to positively impact the world and are committed to empowering and equipping them with the skills and mindset they’ll need to do just that. It is our sincere hope to instill a love for business, and startups, through mentoring programs, that engage, entertain, challenge, and inspire young minds to reach for the stars, and help civilization get to the next level.